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Project Management Services

Working with our sister company All Properties Ltd, we offer a service to property owners and developers that need to find a builder for any conversion or refurbishment project.

Our range of services:

1. Arrange a site visit to carry out a survey of the works required.

2. Provide a broken down cost estimate, based on the scope of works agreed with the owner.

3. Find a builder, where we contact up to five local builders and ask them to tender the works, based on the agreed scope. Collect references for their previous work and carry out an appraisal and recommendation based on the price and competency.

4. Once you have chosen a builder we draft a fixed price contract and get it signed, providing you with fixed building costs.


Design and Planning

We can also carry out full design and planning services.  Working together with our chosen architects and planning consultants, we can guide you through the complete planning process